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Beach of Scano Boa

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Scano boaThe beach of Scano Boa is located in the commune of Porto Tolle and constitutes the historic sandbank of the Po Delta, the easternmost bank stretched out into the Adriatic. It is a long tongue of golden sand, accessible only by sea, rich in charm for its un-spoilt wild landscape.

One may admire the last "casoni", typical huts made from reeds used by fishermen and hunters, and birds of all types, from waders to woodcocks, from puffins to coralline seagulls and even the beautiful sheldrakes, an unusual species of duck which is particularly common in this area. The sea is very beautiful, light blue, clear and with sandy and gently descending seabed. This beach is recommended to those who love to discover un-spoilt, quiet spots which are close to nature.




I.A.T. Rosolina
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I.A.T. Porto Tolle
Largo Europa, 2
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