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Local cuisine of Polesine

Three tortelli with mushroom sauce (three delicate and refined flavours)

Difficulty: medium

Preparation time: 1 h

Ingredients: FOR THE FIRST TORTELLO Green pasta: 250 gr plain flour, 50 gr boiled spinach, 1 egg. For the filling-1 baked pheasant, 150 gr parmesan, 1 egg, nutmeg to taste. FOR THE SECOND TORTELLO Yellow pasta: 300 gr flour, 10 gr olive oil, 3 eggs. For the filling mixed mushrooms, garlic and parsley to taste, oil, salt and pepper to taste, 100 gr parmesan. FOR THE THIRD TORTELLO Orange pasta: 300 gr flour, 50 gr tomato paste, 10 gr olive oil, 2 eggs. For the filling 500 gr diced pumpkin, 100 gr parmesan, 50 gr amaretti, salt and pepper to taste.

Method: For the filling of the first tortello, puree and mix together all the ingredients. For the second tortello prepare the mushrooms cooking them with oil, garlic and parsley; then when cool, mix them with the grated parmesan. For the third tortello, bake the pumpkin and when cool, mix with the parmesan, the crushed amaretti, salt and pepper. Make up the pasta in the three colours, roll it out and cut into squares of six centimetre sides. Place a spoonful of filling in each square, cover with another square and press edges together well. Lastly, prepare a sauce with 70 gr butter, 70 gr flour, a litre of vegetable stock and 150 gr of chopped mushrooms. Cook the tortelli in plenty of lightly salted water and drain them “al dente”. Serve two of each kind of tortello in a circular fashion on a plate. Dress with the cream of mushroom sauce and decorate the centre with a spoonful of mushrooms and parsley.

Wine matching: Piave chardonnay is produced in the vineyard territory of the Piave with its grapes of the same name. It has an intense straw yellow colour with warm, bright nuances. To the nose it has a broad aromatic opening: ripe pear, citrus, banana, tropical fruit, in a context of considerable alcoholic strength. To the palate it is dry, sapid, of soft and persistently bodied. To be served at a temperature of around 10 – 12°

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