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Local cuisine of Polesine

Pear and chocolate cake

Difficulty: easy

Preparation time: 2 h

Ingredients: 140 gr. butter, 200 gr. egg whites, 40 gr. icing sugar, 140 gr. caster sugar, 140 gr. egg yolks, 240 gr. plain flour, 100 gr. chocolate, pear jam, 220 gr. bitter chocolate, chocolate cake covering, 40 gr. vanilla flavouring powder, blanched kumquat to decorate

Method: for the chocolate cakes, beat together butter and powdered sugar and a dash of salt. Mix in the melted cake covering, the egg yolks and the vanilla. Beat egg whites with the sugar to soft peaks and fold delicately, a third at a time, into the mixture. With the last third add the flour. Pour the mixture into the two cake tins and bake for 80 minutes at 170°. Remove cakes from tin onto parchment paper and leave to rest overnight in the fridge. Cut each cake into 4 discs of equal height. Spread two of them with 120 grams of pear jam. Pair them together with the other two discs and insert each pair inside a cake ring with pear jam inside. Pair them up with the other disc and insert each pair into a 24 cm diameter cake ring. Pour the cream over the cakes, spread evenly and refrigerate. When the cream has solidified, cover the cakes with the warm cake covering and decorate with blanched and sugared kumquats.

Wine matching: Torcolato di Breganze: it is a wine of local tradition. The grapes used are: vespaiolo, garganegra and tocai dried and fermented in the February following the grape harvest. It has a pleasant intense golden yellow colour with a characteristic floral bouquet. It is sweet, soft, aristocratic and full-bodied. To be served at a temperature of 8-10°.

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