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Pesce AzzurroFusiform, elongated Body, without carina, covered with a series of scales. Lower jaw shorter than the upper jaw. Large eye facing forward.
Bluish colouring, silvery flanks and belly. Length 15-20 cm.
"Blue fish" it is a general term and is not a scientifically defined group of species. The term denotes those fish with a dark blue coloured dorsal and silvery belly. Generally abundant in our seas it is therefore a very economical product. In this category one finds fish like anchovies, sand eel, skipper, Spanish mackerel, scabbard fish, sardine, mackerel, sprat and horse mackerel. Many fish of all sizes and shapes have nothing in common with “Bluefish” but their bluish colouring. Among these we find the albacore, alletteratus, dumper, dolphin fish, bonito, swordfish and tuna.
Among the blue fish present in the zone of Polesine we can find: mackerel
a medium sized bluefish which feeds generally on small fish like sardines or anchovies. In Spring, after mating, it approaches the coast.
Its body is tapered, hydrodynamic of a metallic blue brown on its back, silvery white below, with dark stripes arranged irregularly on its back and sides, its average length is between 20 and 40 cm. It is normally easier to catch at night with purse nets and a light source.
Is also caught with fixed nets, pelagic trawl and also easily bites the bait of sporting fishermen. Its flesh is white, delicate, much appreciated both fresh and salted.
Anchovies are among the most common bluefish.  They are small, slender and fusiform of a silvery colour on flanks and belly. They usually measure from 10 to 16 cm and reach a maximum of 20 cm. They are gregarious fish that gather in schools and swim significant distances. They are fished all year round with pelagic trawlers and purse nets. In the upper and mid Adriatic thanks to the influx of water from many rivers, there is more available plankton. And for this the anchovies of the Adriatic eat more, grow more quickly and are fatter than the anchovies of the Tyrrhenian Sea. For processing and storing slimmer anchovies are preferred. Freshness is deduced from the eye which must look “alive” and brightly coloured and never dull. Their flesh is good and tasty, both when fresh and preserved.


Bluefish and especially the anchovy is widely fished in the sea in front of the lagoons of the Polesine (the most important market is Pila) and differs from the sardine because longer and with smooth skin on the belly. It is a species of primary importance for the canning industry. Is is also transformed in paste (anchovy paste) and used in the kitchen.


The most suitable period for fishing and consumption is from April to November.


The fat of Bluefish is similar to vegetable fat, mainly for its “unsaturated” compounds, in particular omega 3, important for brain development and for the protection for the heart and arteries. Land animals do not have this prerogative and their fat is made up of richer “saturated” compounds that, in contrast, if eaten in excess, can facilitate the onset of some diseases, often favoured by a sedentary lifestyle and a poorly balanced diet, rich in calories and cholesterol. The latter, instead, is only contained in small quantities, with a few exceptions, in fishery products. Fresh fish (recognizable by a clear eye, shiny skin and red gills), provides a good intake of vitamins (A and B) and minerals (phosphorus, selenium, iodine and fluorine). The flesh is very tasty, and much appreciated.


It is caught overnight on sea trawlers with encircling nets or with the “saccaleva” technique (the nets are lifted by hand) during the night. It is traded fresh, frozen, under salt and olive oil.


Cooperativa Pescatori di Pila wholesale fish market
Via Curtatone 48/103-45010 Pila-Ca ' Zuliani (RO)-Tel. 387186 387108-0426
Sales from Monday to Friday-afternoon (till stocks last)

Porto Viro fish market
Via Murazze 44-45014 Porto Viro (RO)-Tel. 0426 631091
Sales from Monday to Friday-afternoon (till stocks last)

Scardovari fish market
Via p. Calamandrei 2-45010 Scardovari (RO) Tel. 0426 89015/6
Sales from Monday to Friday-afternoon (till stocks last)



Sarde in SaorIngredients
Cleaned and de-scaled sardines, polenta flour, onion, raisins, pine nuts, salt and pepper, oil for frying.

Dip cleaned, de-scaled sardines, in the polenta flour, fry in abundant olive oil, and season.

For the "saor"
Take a pan, fry the sliced onion with a little olive oil, add salt and pepper, halfway through cooking add the raisins previously soaked in hot water and a few pine nuts. Add a splash of white wine vinegar.
Serve the fried sardines with the "saor" on the side for the classy version, or alternate Sardines and onion in a serving dish for the traditional version.


Ingredients (serves 4)
4 small mackerel (total 800 g), 80 g of olive oil, 5 g of chopped parsley, 200 g of tomato sauce, ½ glass of dry white wine, 2 spoonfuls of vinegar, salt, pepper

Fillet the mackerel. Place lightly floured fillets in a pan with olive oil and cook for a few minutes on both sides; Drizzle with dry white wine and vinegar, add the tomato sauce, season with salt and pepper, and complete cooking. May be served with slices of griddled.

Mackerel, with its unmistakable greeny-blue livery, feeds preferably on small blue fish. The best specimens present pinkish reflections on the abdomen at the moment of purchase. The size of the fish should be chosen according to the recipe you want to prepare.


Alici MarinateIngredients (serves 4)
500 g small fresh anchovies, 1 clove garlic, the juice of a lemon, the juice of an orange,
5 g of chopped parsley, 80 g of olive oil, salt and pepper.

Remove the head and central bone from the anchovies, wash and dry them.
In a glass dish place a layer of anchovies; sprinkle with the lemon and orange juice, make another layer of anchovies and pour over the remaining orange and lemon juice. Place the container in the refrigerator and leave to marinate for at least three hours.
For the presentation of the dish, place a layer of anchovies and sprinkle with parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Garnish with thin strips of lemon and orange peel.

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