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Provincial Museum System

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Honey Museum

Museo del Miele

The Beekeeping Centre of Cà Cappellino hosts the Museum, where the local honey producers of the Po Delta bring their honeycombs. The honey extraction takes place here and the honey is checked by means of various chemical analyses. It is then put into the ripeners, packaged and eventually sold to the public.
The Museum is organized as a circuit with panels and showcases containing various natural hymenopterous nests, besides ancient and modern tools for honey processing.

The exhibition aims to familiarize the visitors with the world of bees and with their incessant and untiring work, which results not only in the production of honey but also of pollen, bee-glue, royal jelly and beeswax.

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Provincial road n. 37 direction Po mouth – Locality Ca’ Cappellino n18
45014 Porto Viro

Under construction.

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