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Historical Museum of the Fun Fair and of the Folk Show

Museo della Giostra

The museum was established as the only institution of its kind in Italy, not only to preserve memories of the past but above all to be  a cultural centre of research and historical documentation for the subtle and varied world of popular village culture. The museum gathers and exhibits in an organic and scientific way, documentation related to the history and anthropology of the village fair in the Middle-ages and the Renaissance, which developed through the centuries into the ‘Fun Fair’ between the 1800s and the 1900s and then later, into the contemporary funfair : an interesting world rich in human values, which deserves new dignity, also in the eyes of official culture.

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Piazza Matteotti n. 85
45032 Bergantino (RO)
Ph. +39-0425- 805446
Fax +39-0425-808084
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