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Archeological Museum of the Roman Centurion

Museo della Centuriazione Romana

The Museum collects about 400 finds collected on the surface of the great Roman centurion in Adria recently identified in the countryside between Adria and Rovigo, where during a methodical search of its surface, authorised by the Veneto Archaeological Heritage Department, about 350 archaeological sites were found.

In 1990, the GAV set up the educational archaeological exhibition about the roman centurion and acts as curator on behalf of the municipal administration.

The Museum, which has didactic purposes is divided into four sections regarding:

  1. The centurion in general and the centurion in Adria in particular
  2. The surface archaeological searches
  3. The activities of the roman peasants during the centurion
  4. The traces left by the Veneto populations before the romans

One may admire brick and tombstone pieces, materials regarding domestic and artisan activities: weights for looms, pieces of amphora, oil-lamps, ceramic tableware and cookware, silver coins; among the burial equipment, tools for embalming and various glass containers.

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Piazza Aldo Moro 24
45010 Villadose (RO)

Visits by reservation only.

Ph. +39-0425 21530; 0425 405206

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