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National Archeological Musem of Adria

Museo Archeologico Adria

The museum started in 1904 as a Civic Museum after the purchase by the Municipality of Adria of the historical collection of local antiques, collected over more than 150 years by the noble Bocchi family. Today it is an archaeological museum that preserves the archaeological findings of Adria, unique ancient urban centre of the province of Rovigo in the South of the Polesine.
As it is a subsidiary seat of the Archaeological Heritage Department of Veneto, it carries out activities of archaeological conservation of the territory.
The mission of the museum is to illustrate the exceptional ancient history of Adria, harbour town, arisen in the VI century BC. and it represents the heart of the archaeological research activities of Adria in the south Polesine.

Typologies /collections - The first floor is dedicated to the development of the town and in general to the rural settlement in the Po Delta from the VI century BC of Venetians, Greeks and Etruscans. The second floor is dedicated to the Roman era. Many finds of the territory can be admired Paleo Venetian ceramics with red and black mouldings, portraying war scenes, daily life, mythological figures, jewels and small Etruscan bronze statues, Roman glass, Celtic fibulas, Roman Lapidarium, the Tomb of Biga-an extraordinary funerary accoutrement including the remains of a war charriot and the skeletons of three horses.

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