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Adria Museum of the Cathedral

Museo cattedrale adria

It has been recently opened in Adria the Museum of the Cathedral, near the Cathedral of SS. Pietro and Paolo Apostoli, in order to keep the sacred furniture used during the solemn religious rites in the Cathedral and the sculptures and paintings removed from the original location in order to preserve them.
The arrangement of the works inside the architectonic complex has been thought to allow the visitors to perceive the art of different historical periods as a whole. Thanks to the virtual and multimedia "Wall of time", the history of the cathedral may be known. The first room is dedicated to manuscripts and ancient documents. More than a half of the Treasure is made of works belonged to the bishops: mitres trimmed with embroideries and oriental pearls, the wonderful chalice finely chiselled. Sculptures, illuminated antiphonaries, reliquaries and many other works of art complete the interesting museum route. Among the works of art, the precious and rare statuettes in polychrome terracotta of the Altar of the Madonna called " of Life" attributed to Michele Dini da Firenze, the silver and gold Eucharistical "tronetto" , containing an important ostensory in golden silver adorned with semiprecious stones, the wooden Crucifix called "of Lepanto", wonderful example of painting on both sides of the beginning of the seventeenth century are to be mentioned. The figurative culture of Veneto betweeen the sixteenth and the eighteenth century is attested by some portraits of the bishops of the diocese of Adria. The visit to the rests of the ancient, age-old cathedral frescoes, dating back to the X-XI century, is very involving, it gives the idea to go down to the depth of the history, nearly to reach the ancient heart always beating in the Church of Adria.

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Adria Museum of the Cathedral
Piazzetta Campanile 45011 Adria
Opening time:
Wednesdays and Saturdays 10:00 am- 12:00 am;
Information and reservation for groups:

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