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Visualizza Mappa SMP Polesine in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

Civic Planetary of Tolomeo of Roverdicre'

The projector instrument is placed in the centre of the dome of about 6 meters diameter with space for about 40 people. It is possible to see over a thousand stars and five planets visible to the naked eye. The moon with its phases and the Sun with its apparent daily and annual movements.
Any observation point on earth may be simulated, from the South Pole to the North Pole (latitude movement) and every season and historical era, from ancient times to the future millenniums (precession of the equinoxes). The important circles of spherical  astronomy and the celestial coordinates can be observed too.

Some other projectors provide further images and information, completing the lesson-spectacle that takes place in the planetary.

The geological show room is on the first floor  with samples of  rocks, minerals and fossils that illustrate the origins and the evolution of the planet earth with the chance to compare it with the other planets of the Solar System. The guided tours for students can be integrated with experimental activities and laboratories.

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