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Museum of the Great Rivers

Grandi Fiumi

The museum is located in the restored monastery of the Olivetani, next to the S. Bartolomeo church.
The museum mainly collects materials(from the bronze age until the Renaissance) which are gathered almost exclusively, from the searches and collections carried out in different years, in  Middle and Upper Polesine.

From the bronze age there are materials coming from the recent excavation (Larda of Gavello and Zanforlina of Pontecchio) and in part from the collections on the surface and of excavations at Frattesina (necropolis and dwellings). From the Iron age (V cent. BC ) there are the materials of Balone by Rovigo (necropolis and dwellings) of  S. Cassiano (dwellings) and some finds unearthed in the surface search of the Gavello area.
Significant are the groups of finds from the Roman era , in particular, there is a very substantial quantity of finds collected during 10 years of excavation  (1990-2000) in the territory of Gaiba and Ficarolo. Recently, exhibits from the national archaeological museum of Adria have been added, a group of materials found in the upper Polesine territory at the beginning of the last century.

There is then an important ceramic collection aged between the centuries XXIV – XVIII, the result of excavations initiated in 1965 and coming from the middle-upper territory of the Polesine and from the urban area of Rovigo.
At present, the  exhibition path develops following a logical chronological order through the reconstructions showing the anthropic and environmental evolution of the Polesine, from the settlements of the Bronze Age in Canàr di Catelnovo Bariano, Larda di Gavello and in particular, Frattesina of Fratta Polesine to those of the Iron Era, with the important areas of the hinterland of Adria in the centuries VI – V BC. (the rural settlements of S. Cassiano in Crespino, the Padana – Etruscan necropolis  of Balone near Rovigo, the evidence from the territory of Gavello), and those of the Roman era with the reconstruction of the anthropization of the Polesine  between the II century BC and the II century AD. The visitor will become acquainted with the daily, social, religious life of the most ancient eras in the history of the Polesine, within the broader view of other Italian and European cultures.

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