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Ethnographic Museum a l'Alboron

The Ethnographic  Museum ” a l’alboron” in Costa of Rovigo, collects, registers and values documents and historical finds related to the social, economic and religious history of the territory of Costa of Rovigo.
As the area’s economic and social character is mainly agricultural, the themes and the exhibition’s organization are centred on the rhythm of the seasons which since the most remote of times have shaped country life, controlling food resources and the availability of raw materials.
After a short introduction about the plain of Costa of Rovigo and its genesis, the visitor may follow the development of the annual production cycle, represented by numerous and particular  agricultural tools, or may imagine oneself in an ancient domestic scene, appreciate the essentiality of artisan work and acquire information about the history of this small but ancient village risen on the  banks of the Adigetto river.

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At Palazzo Bighetti 
Via Dante 286-4
45023 Costa di Rovigo

Tel.  +39-0425.497272 (Town Hall) - +39-0425.497107 (Library)

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