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Provincial Museum System

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National Archeological Musem of Fratta Polesine

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Fratta Pol

The museum represents the arrival point of over 40 years of excavations in Polesine, the main centre which collects the important traces of the villages of the Late Bronze era which once rose along the ancient Po river. The main exhibition of the museum is composed from the finds of an archaeological collection today considered to be the most representative on a European level of the Late Bronze age (XII – X century BC), the village of Frattesina and its necropolis, found in the Narde and Fondo Zanotto areas. Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Fratta PolThe visit provides several opportunities to examine the exhibits in more depth, offering an educational experience of high quality, a source of interest not only for the experts and enthusiasts, but also for those approaching archaeology for the first time.


Via G. Tasso n. 3
45025 Fratta Polesine

tel. 0425 668523


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