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Provincial Museum System

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Documental Centre of Civilization and Work in Fratta Polesine


The museum exhibits the efforts made by Polesan people, during the period from Italian unification until the great flood of 1951, to make their work less tiring in particular, farm work in the fields.

The museum shows:

  • Illustrations of the labourers’ typical house
  • Reproductions of the internal living quarters of a labourer’s house (kitchen, bedroom)
  • Reproductions of the main jobs (working the fields, carpenter, blacksmith, tailor, shoemaker)
  • The mill
  • Bread making and the oven used
  • The cellar
  • The washing and the laundry room
  • Vehicles

The most important pieces:

  • The original furniture of the house
  • Tools of the almost all of the trades 
  • Reproduction of a classroom
  • Reproduction of a typical religious capital
  • Reproduction of a stone mill

In the Museum spaces it is also possible to visit:
-Historical, photographic and documentary exhibition about the Carbonarist movement in Fratta and in Polesine
-An exhibition about ceramics in Polesine from the protohistoric to the late renaissance 1100 BC. – 1600 AD)
- An exhibition about popular religion in Polesine
- An exhibition about brass and other musical instruments.
- A reconstruction of an old typography with wooden and lead words and the reconstruction of the Guttemberg’s press.

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Via Riviera Scolo 11
45025 Fratta Polesine

Tel.  +39-0425 668030


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