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Factory Museum of the Ancient Mantovani Distilleries

Antiche Distillerie Mantovani

The factory museum ‘the future of memory’ of the ancient Mantovani distilleries was inaugurated in November 2004 and was built inside the factory as an exhibition path that reconstructs the entrepreneurial and working history of 6 generations. 
The project is the result of passionate research into the history, the legends and the traditions of liquors and distillates. Inside the museum there are objects belonging to the factory and also other objects collected during research.
The museum offers visitors an explorative educational and didactic itinerary on the artisan production of liquors and spirits. The exhibition path starts from the traditions and legends realated to the most ancient origins of this process and takes the visitor through the phases of manufacturing.
Moreover the visitor is actively involved using ones senses to recognize, for instance, the smell of the raw materials (herbs, spices, essential oils, fruits) and  learning how to appreciate the characteristics of the products.

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