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Badia Polesine

Badia Polesine

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 37
Tel. 0425 590696
Fax 0425 590696

Main events

Living Nativity - PRESEPIO VIVENTE
Procession of the characters ,  representation of the Nativity and arrival of the Magi by horse, in Vangadizza square
Main streets and Vangadizza square

Carnival with shows, music and prize-giving to the most beautiful masks
Vittorio Emanuele square

National Kite Feast
25th April
Traditional event that takes place along the Adige river bank, for children and adults. A day of happiness with a look to the nature, prize giving
Sperone Bova (right river bank of the Adige)

Historical parade
It’s a parade in medieval costumes, in Saint Patron’s day feast, S. Teobaldo, to remember the transfer of S.Teobaldo relics from Badia Polesine to St.Thibaulth des Vignes (F) that took place in 1075. In Vangadizza square, medieval dinner
Main streets, Vangadizza square

Bank holiday feast FERRAGOSTO BADIESE
Luna Park, music, tombola, fireworks.
Marconi and V.Emanuele squares

Regional “polenta” feast
Every evening music and typical dishes .
Villa d’Adige, Badia Polesine

Madonna della Salute feast
Ancient plays, castagnata and prize giving
Madonna della salute Square