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Badia Polesine

Eddies of Villa d'Adige

In the territory of the village you can find lake pools composed of eddies and former quarries: Eddies of Bisatello, Barchetta Quarry and Long Quarry «Romani» in the hamlet of Villa d'Adige, Reclamation Vats of Valle della Buora, Quarry of Giare and Quarries of via Cavallo in the hamlet of Salvaterra, the Pedretti Quarries, Casa Bovo («Renzo Borghesan Fund») in Boscovecchio.

The wealth of these green areas is not only naturalistic and scenic because  these tiny oasis still offer shelter, food and reproduction for so many animals; in these picturesque waterways lives water-related fauna from the Dytiscus to the Cecilia Dragonfly, the Crested Newt, the Italian Agile frog and others and then the River Nightingale, Reedwarbler, little Bittern and predatory species such as the Sparrowhawk and the Osprey.