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Floodplain of Bergantino

Golena di Bergantino

It is a vast floodplain with willow groves, in which one finds White willow and White poplar. In recent years, as along the whole course of the Po basin, there has been a spread of creepers of North American origin called American Zucchini, which climbs up the trees covering them completely in a short space of time: the scenic and aesthetic effect is considerable in that these Paduan floodplains seem like luxurious tropical forests, but the trees covered die rapidly, suffocated by their guest. Many bird species nest in the area among which are: Herons, Egrets, Nycticorax, Mallards, Seagulls and many species of the sparrow family, even if the most interesting species from a conservation point of view, are the Agile frog, whose numbers have greatly reduced all over the Paduan plain and the Marsh turtle which has also become very rare in the last few decades.

Via Argine Po
45032 Bergantino

Eddy of Le Giare

The eddy Le Giare originates in the second half of the eighteenth century and is now a relict environment in the agricultural ecosystem of upper Polesine. It is of  considerable depth (14 metres). This vegetation is typically hygrophilous, with Swamp reeds and Black Poplars in the riparian areas. There are also some very interesting flora species like Candock, Lythrum and Iris. The fauna includes waterfowl such as the Coot, Moorhen, Egret, the Grebe, but also many from the sparrow family such as the Penduline, the Great tit and the Blackcap. Usually the trees facing the eddy host from late November until February, a wintering site of the common Owl.

Via Tartaro
45032 Bergantino