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Giacciano con Baruchella

Church of San Pietro Martire

The façade presents baroque elements as in the interior. Built during the XVI Century on an existing church and subsequently renovated in the XVII Century and the XVII Century. The bell tower is of the XVII Century and its spire was destroyed by lightning in 1845.

Address and location:
Piazza Libertà
45020 Baruchella

Church of Sant'Andrea

Of the XX Century, it was rebuilt in 1966 after its destruction by bombardment (1945). The bell tower is of the XVII Century.

Via Roma
45020 Zelo

Church of S.Ippolito Martyr

Chiesa di Sant'Ippolito

Oratory of S. Maria della Mercede (Madonna del Paneto)

It was rebuilt in the XIXth century.

Via Madonnina
45020 Giacciano