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Frassinelle Polesine

Church of S. Bartolomeo

It was built following the floods of 1951 which badly damaged the previous building, dating back to the end of the XV century and designed by the construction engineer Pellegrineschi

45030 Frassinelle Polesine

Church of S. Maria Assunta

Built in the XX century.

45030 Frassinelle Polesine

Church oratory of Santa Teresa

Built around 1930 in honour of Santa Teresa of Lisieux, French Carmelite nun from the monastery of Lisieux in Aleucon. The little church was required and built by a group of local families.  It was decorated with sacred icons of the Madonna of Pompei and Christ, donated to the church. In 1947 it also received a relic of Santa Teresa

Via G. Monti - Frazione Caporumiatti
45030 Frassinelle Polesine

Oratory of S. Lorenzo al Passo

Built at the end of the XVI century on request of Andrea Toletto to the Bishop of Loreto, in order to attend Mass, given the distance from other churches. Initially it was dedicated to St. Francesco. It has a modern appearance due to renovations.

45030 Frassinelle Polesine

Oratory of S. Maria Assunta

It is connected to Ca' Pesaro by a sixteenth century arch. It was built on request of the nobleman Leonardo Pesaro to the Bishop Soffietti in 1733. In the interior it presents a frescoed vault. 

45030 Frassinelle Polesine

Votive chapel to the Madonna of Montegrappa

Built in the XX Century after the First World War, to commemorate the fallen.

45030 Frassinelle Polesine