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Villadose is situated in the middle-east of the Polesine and is crossed by the River Adigetto, which divides it into two sectors, by the Bresega canal to the North and South by the Valdentro. Archaeological findings show that the territory had already been colonized in Roman times; located a few kms from the Etruscan port of Adria, Villadose was on the edge of the hinterland and of inward routes of communication.

Several noble Venetian families built rural courts and buildings used as barns, warehouses and residencies along the Adigetto which was in those times, navigable.  These were the backdrops to a peasant’s way of life, now long disappeared: during periods of intense rural activity (sowing, harvesting, threshing) the influx of paid workers, forced labour and women was extremely high and the pace of work feverish.

The visitor arriving at Villadose cannot then miss the interesting itinerary of rural villas located along the course of the Adigetto; the journey begins with the beautiful rustic building of Cornera di canale in via Teano and continues to Penelazzo with the large rural courtyard of the same name, until the beautiful portico of Corte Casilini di Cambio.  The itinerary also includes Palazzo Patella, an imposing Venetian style building, dating back from the late XVI century, today seat of the local council.  History and archaeology enthusiasts should note the Market of Roman Centuriation, a re-enactment which takes place the last weekend of August or the first of September and encompasses various events.  Apart from the traditional market with typical products, the program includes plays and dances, historical and archaeological conventions regarding the Roman era and reconstructions of circus acts and armed clashes between legionaries and “barbarians”, dressed in costumes from the era.  On this occasion, you can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Roman Centuriation, located inside Palazzo Patella.  In summer, in the third week of July, Villadose hosts another noteworthy event: the arts festival “Voices for Freedom-a song for Amnesty”, a musical event with the participation of local and international rock bands.  At the weekend closest to the Feast of St. Bartolomeo on August 24, the town’s festival is held; culminating in the award of the Palio given to one of the 5 contrade that face each other in traditional-popular historical games.

Among the typical products of local gastronomy, the “Pan del Doge”, an ancient recipe that was created for the Doge.