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Taglio di Po

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Taglio di Po

The territory of the Taglio di Po owes its name and origins to “il taglio di Porto Viro”, an impressive work of river engineering, conducted by the Serenissima Republic of Venice and concluded in 1604 to preserve the lagoon of the Veneto from landfill.

The town, inside the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta, is located on the right bank of the Po di Venezia along which Venetian lords built their country villas between the XVII and the XIX century.  These include Ca’ Nani, Ca’ Nani and the beautiful Ca’ Zen that belonged to the lover of Lord Byron and where the same poet stayed.  To discover these jewels one just has to walk or cycle along the lovely bank-side streets which accompany the course of the river from whose verdant shores one may also take a boat trip.  The most eastern part of the town called Zona Marina, was formed between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and is the fruit of the continuous depositing of debris from the river and to the intervention of man.  The Ca’ Vendramin water-scooping plant bears witness to the great reclamations which occurred in the territory, transformed after lengthy restoration in the Regional Museum of Reclamation.  Inside the beautiful building built at the beginning of the 900s, tourists can visit the workshop with old turning machines and grinders, the boiler rooms and the engine room.  Food lovers may enjoy tasty dishes, such as rice “canarola”, Polenta with cuttlefish or pilchards “in saor”, which as well as delighting the palate, closely guard the history of local traditions.  Among the many events and festivals which animate the town and a favourite with the locals, is the festival of Madonna del Vajolo, celebrated on 27 January with a procession along the streets of the town centre. The event is very important to the townsfolk both for its religious aspect and the folklore-traditional side.  Another highly representative event is the celebration of “Happy Birthday Taglio di Po” which takes place in September lasting for a whole week. The event aims to commemorate the “cutting (or cut) of Porto Viro” by the Serenissima Republic. Thanks to its excellence in the art of music, the town was awarded the title of “paese del canto e della musica” (town of music and song), and in May a major exhibition is held.