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At Loreo, a town inside the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta, the Venetian influence is still present and visible along the Riviera of the Canale Naviglio, the porticos and the narrow lanes that lead up to the charming Piazza Longhena.
Among the symbols of the town one may note the Civic Tower or Clock Tower that houses the Antiquarium, a small but valuable Museum in which some significant finds from the excavations of a large rural Roman villa at Corte Cavanella are displayed.  Inside, the chapter of local history devoted to ancient river navigation and to the construction of boats is particularly interesting and illustrates how the Naviglio was an important artery that led to the development of the settlement.
Worth a visit are the Dean’s church of St. Maria Assunta, most probably designed by Baldassarre Longhena, and the oratory entitled to SS. Trinità. Every year here, on the eve of the feast of the SS. Trinità, the ancient ritual of the Confraternity of the Flagellants ( “fradei” incappucciati/hooded brothers) takes place, a fascinating ceremony unchanged throughout the centuries.

Also of great interest are the Theatre Zago in Art Nouveau style, and the former Prison that currently hosts the Piergiorgio Bassan” library, with its very unusual interior: the walls and ladders are all crooked, giving the visitor a curious sense of vertigo.
Whilst in Loreo, one should try some of the oldest baker’s specialities, the ring-shaped bread and “pan biscotto” (a sort of hard-baked bread first created in the Venetian era which will keep indefinitely) to which the locals dedicate a festival, held on the third weekend of June.  Loreo is home to the oldest fair of the Polesine, that of St. Michele on 29 September.