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Corbola, a town nestled on a wide bend of the Po of Venice, belongs to the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta. The name derives from Còrbula, that is, “corba” which means hamper or basket, which was a measurement of wheat but also measured the land needed for the sowing of a basket of wheat.

The place name appears for the first time in 1054.  The old town was destroyed in the XII century by the breaches of the Po; the town was later reborn in the XIV century thanks to Nicolò III of Este.  Of particular interest is Villa Pampanini, country residence of the famous thirties soprano, Rosetta Pampanini.

It is particularly pleasant to follow the so-called “Memorial Path”: it is a cycle path which from the town centre continues along via Battare and leads to the banks of the Po; on the tree-lined stretch of via Lazzara it retraces the likely route of the Via Popilia, the Roman consular road.  The bank side road from Corbola to Taglio di Po and Ariano nel Polesine is also a beautiful cycle path immersed in nature set between land and water.

Along the path one finds a comfortable rest area equipped with river mooring, hut, sighting tower from which you can see the Island of Balutìn, a wild river island reachable by boat, where visitors may follow the informative tourist route suggested.  On the first of May, the Feast of the Bosega takes place here, a festival tied to ancient traditions of the Po: one may taste “bosega”, a large mullet which is a coastal marine species.  The territory also offers visitors recreational activities and naturalistic excursions