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Ariano nel Polesine

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Ariano nel Polesine

A visit to the Po delta is not complete without stopping at Ariano del Polesine, a town on the banks of Po di Goro which preserves traces of an ancient and fascinating history; the original town was located on the Popilla road, built in 132 BC by the consul Popillo, near San Basilio, an important archaeological site where precious finds dating back to the Bronze and Iron ages were discovered.  In Roman times “Radriani” was a vibrant commercial centre thanks to its port on the Adriatic, a crucial spot in a complex system of trading which was active from the most remote eras, the nerve centre where ancient commercial routes intersected.  The evidence of this most ancient history is preserved in the innovative Centro Turistico Culturale of S. Basilio a place well-worth visiting.

Among the many sights worth noting, the Palazzo Comunale of Ariano, in Venetian style and one of the most beautiful town hall buildings in the Polesine.  For those who wish to get to know this land better, Ariano offers itineraries which allow the visitor to immerge themselves in nature: from the fossil sand-dunes and the ancient coastline to the age-old Oak, from the Breach of Martino to the Mouth of Po di Goro with its splendid Bonello Bacucco, a unique environment covered in dense cane fields - one is sure to be enthralled by the atmosphere and history of all these unusual places.