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Villanova Marchesana

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Villanova Marchesana

The town lines the road running from the banks of the Po to Adria.  Of value, the parish church, dedicated to St. Maria Assunta, built in the Estensi style in the second half of the 700s.  The town centre was badly damaged by the breach of the Po in 1152 and the hamlet of Canalnuovo was born, where the Benedictine monks sought refuge following the destruction of the Gavello Abbey.  Here, a courtyard and the oratory of St. Lorenzo were built in the middle of the Seventeenth century.  In that century the Carthusian monks of Ferrara settled in Canalnuovo and erected a monastery.  Along the bank side road stands the nineteenth century Palazzo Dalcon and the stables of Villa Camerini with their round arches.  Luscious vegetation and a rich fauna characterize the “Piarda” flood-plain which extends for over 30 hectares and where two furnaces used to work for many years, now important examples of industrial architecture.
Among the noteworthy events the Fiera di S. Maria Assunta and the Market of Ferragosto (August 15 bank holiday), while in the hamlet of Canalnuovo, at the end of May, the Blessing of the Po waters, in mid June the Festa della “ceppa” and at the beginning of August the Sagra di S. Lorenzo are held.  The local specialities are in fact the cheppia (shad) and other grilled freshwater fish and “bigoli con l’anara” (bigoli pasta with duck).