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Occhiobello, with its two hamlets of S. Maria Maddalena and Gurzone, is the first town of the Veneto region that one meets after crossing the river Po from Ferrara which is 10 km away.  It is a lively productive town- both industrially and commercially boasting an economic and social development which was reached after facing many ups and downs over the centuries.  Over thousands of years the territory of Occhiobello underwent a series of transformations due to both natural causes and historical and political ones due to the continuous invasions of other civilizations such as the Celts, the Etruscans, the Gauls etc…; the political and economical structure of the area withstood several changes according to the dominium in place at any one time.

Following the most recent of these important events, that is the bombardments of the Second World War and the catastrophic flooding of the river Po in November 1951, Occhiobello has been at the centre of a boom in new commercial and industrial businesses which since the 1970s has fuelled a substantial demographic and economic development allowing the town to re-emerge triumphant as that important place of transit which it had once been.  Although at the crossroads of important national motorways, the landscape is charming, above all thanks to the presence of the Po and to efforts to improve the territory for tourism such as tourist itineraries, well-equipped parking areas with facilities for camper-vans, mooring facilities, etc.  The objective is to offer new services and attractions to promote alternatives to traditional tourism as well as creating new jobs in connection with a development that is sustainable.  Eighteenth century villas and religious buildings are everywhere in Occhiobello.  There are many characteristic eateries, some alongside the Po, where one may taste the local gastronomic specialities: capelletti, cappellacci with pumpkin, garlic salami, special salami for sauces, and the bread!  The bread of Ochiobello and Santa Maria Maddalena, “la Ciupeta”, is famous throughout Italy. 
In spite of intense immigration, the town of Occhiobello has maintained its strong sense of tradition and pride for its border dialect in which its Celtic component is very much alive.  Still today, with its social-demographic development and its urban renewal, the “town of the flood” continues to prove the vitality of its strong and original culture, without ever forgetting its typical border town features.