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The town, located on the banks of the Po, has a rich history. Of Roman origin, it was never included in the dominium of the Veneto Republic, remaining under Ferrarese influence until Napoleonic intervention. The eighteenth century church of SS. Martino and Severo, built by the Ferrarese architect, Angelo Santini, is a precious testimony with its grand façade typical of the Roman Baroque. In the large square dedicated to Fetonte, a Greek mythological figure, stands the nineteenth century Palazzo Comunale and the house of Vincenzo Carravieri, a member of the Carbonari, where many secret meetings used to take place.

The old Piazza del Mercato recalls other episodes of the rebellion of Crespino. Here Giovanni Albieri, known as Veneri, was beheaded by the French, while the nearby Villa dei Principi Pio Falco was a hiding place for secret documents of the Carbonari. Among the historical residential buildings, Villa Marzolla, built between the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries and the eighteenth century Villa Sarti Savonarola and Villa Tisi. At Fetonte, the recently restored landing place in the floodplain is also dedicated to these events and has been equipped with picnic areas. Several rooms in the Palazzo Municipale host the Museo delle Acque (The Water Museum). The exhibition tells the story of riverside life until a few decades ago through the equipment used by the fishermen, carpenters, quay workers, blacksmiths, guards, street sweepers and sgarbanti. Among the most important events to remember is “rock in golena” (rock in the floodplain) with picnic and live music and the local fair in the third week of September and the antique market held on every forth Sunday of the month. Typical local specialities: “bigoli con le Sardelle” (bigoli pasta with sardines), “bisata in tocio” (stewed eels) and risotto with “tastasale” (sausagemeat).