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In Canaro, once again the great river is the main protagonist, lapping on the shores of the town along its length and offering the visitor enchanting walking and cycling paths.

The history of Canaro is marked by the wars between the Estensi and the Venetians for the control of a border zone, the Transpadana, which extends from Ferrara to the Poazzo, the canal that crosses the town.
A borderline on which the properties of the most illustrious aristocratic families of Este and Venice face each other.

It is little known that one of the most famous painters of the court of the Estensi, Benvenuto Tisi da Garofolo, was born here in the house located a few kilometres from the centre, in the place bearing his name.  From here, following via Benvenuto Tisi one reaches the banks of the Po and encounters the luscious vegetation of the flood-plains.  Among the historical buildings to note is villa Martelli which dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century.  It was commissioned by members of a Florentine dynasty originating in the 1200s.  If one wishes to sample a nice plate of “bigoli al torchio” accompanied by exquisite meat or tomato sauces, one should not miss the festival of “Bigul al Torc” which is held in the riverside town between June and July.  The smooth worm-shaped pasta is traditionally made with ancient pasta presses which are still used today by the local trattorias (bistros).  Competitive fishing is very popular and the centre for “Carp Fishing” products distributes its wares nationally.