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A Roman “Vico” (neighbourhood), the Vicus Arii or Vicus Atrioli, situated on the Po and along the Roman road from Gognano, lends the town its name.  The Roman settlement is also proven by the tombs found here with their furnishings, idols, coins, vases etc.
Here in 1152 there was a memorable breach of the Po which determined a radical change in the course of the river which used to be further south.  In 1328 there was a proper investiture of the Estensi, lasting until 1597.  In these areas in fact, at the end of the 400s wars broke out between the Estensi and the Venetians.  Famous figures such as Federico di Montefeltro the duke of Urbino, a great leader and patron of the Italian Renaissance culture, were summoned to the battleground.  The town preserves evident traces of the Emilian influence in the lovely Villa Giglioli, built in the 1500s for the Arienti family.

The brick building is beside two towers and is decorated at its entrance by an elegant staircase with double semi-circular ramps.  Next to the eighteenth century dean’s church stands the bell tower which, with its more than 70 metres height, slants conspicuously, a typical consequence of buildings built on flood-plains which are subject to the phenomenon of subsidence.  Among the local events not to be missed is the Fiera del Carmine in July, the most important annual appointment with a rich program of singing, dancing and entertainment and the Sagra dello Storione (sturgeon) with a selection of local dishes.  When visiting Ficarolo four itineraries may be followed: from the old town centre to each of the three hamlets and along the great Po river.  On climbing the bank one may admire the splendid bight of the river where the island of Tontola stands in an area protected by the WWF.