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Castelnovo Bariano

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Castelnovo Bariano

Another little gem, this town situated along the length of the Po, recalls the imposing medieval castle built by the Estensi and later destroyed in the second half of the 1800s.  the name “Bariano” was added in 1867 and recalls the “Vicus Varianus” station placed there in the Roman era on the route between Aquilea and Bologna; the existence of this settlement is proven by the discovery of a burial ground dating back to the I century AD.

A few kilometres from the centre, at S. Pietro Polesine, some researchers have set up an archaeological exhibition which documents the presence of ancient civilizations which populated this area since the Bronze Age.  As well as the Bronze Age section which exhibits extremely important finds, the Museo Civico hosts a hall dedicated to the Renaissance with decorated, painted and glazed ceramics of the Venetian, Emilian and Mantuan schools commissioned by the Duke Borso of Este and by the Venetians.  Not far away stands a characteristic church with an ornate façade and two twin bell-towers; it was required by Count Nappi who was among the advocates of the reclamation of Northern Polesine.  One may relax on long and quiet bike rides pedalling along one of the many cycle-paths which line the riverside and cross the green and relaxing countryside.