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This small town takes its name from the Estensi court official, Guglielmo Pincaro, who was in charge of these lands and initiated reclamation works in the XV century. The town is developed along the main road around the church of St. Giovanni Battista dating back to the XVI century.
Along the banks of the Canalbianco towards Villamarzana, one reaches the complex of Ca’ Bernarda.  The eighteenth century agricultural courtyard houses a long stretch of contiguous buildings; an oratory, country house, stables, dovecot tower and porticoed outbuildings that surround the barnyard.  Also along the same bank-side road one finds the working Museum of the Mantovani distilleries, the result of painstaking research into the history, legends and traditions of liqueurs and spirits.

The exhibition reconstructs the working history of six generations and ends with a guided tasting, after which one may also purchase some of the available products.  Also worth a visit is the Pincarese Medieval Palio, a historical commemoration which takes place every year between the end of March and the beginning of April.