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A small agricultural town dating back to the pre-roman period when the nearby Andria was the most important river port of the Adriatic Sea. Records of the medieval period are more thorough and note an important Benedictine abbey which was destroyed by the terrible inundation of Ficarolo in 1152.  Among the residents at the abbey, one may note the English monk S. Bede, who died here in 883.  On the ruins of the complex of which an apse and the base of a bell tower remain, a XVI century parish church entitled to the Madonna delle Grazie now stands.  The sixteenth century outlines of the church have been modified following subsequent restoration work during the 1700s.  The only nave of the interior is decorated with marble alters and precious paintings.  The main alter is overlooked by the stucco image of the Madonna delle Grazie much revered by the monks.