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There are no definitive records of the origins of the town; however, settlements in these areas can be dated back to the Bronze Age whilst the remains of roman settlements found here are numerous.
In the town one may admire a unique example of medieval fort commissioned by the marquis of Ferrara, Galileo III Adelardi Marchesella, together with many others throughout the territory of the Polesine.  The imposing castle- cited by Boccaccio who chose Castelguglielmo as the setting for one of the novellas of the Decameron- was rebuilt several times on the same site until 1780 when the remaining tower finally crumbled, no longer sustained by the fallen castle walls.

Only the foundations of the castle remain and are today covered by the buildings of the square.  Among the noteworthy historical buildings is the parish church entitled to St. Nicola of Bari dating back to the XI century.  The church interior, devoid of its original structure, is decorated with seventeenth century frescos by Sebastiano Santi, whilst the sacristy hosts a contemporary canvas depicting St. Rocco by the great fresco painter Mattia Bortoloni.  For lovers of countryside excursions, the chance to retrace the ancient Napoleonic route or take the pleasant cycle-trekking path which connects the town to the river dock on the bank of the Canalbianco.  Not to be missed are the events recalling the ancient castle, from Castlebeer, festival of beer tasting held annually between June and July, to Stracastelo, a non competitive walk.