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Bosaro, the smallest town of the province, is located in the centre of the Polesine on the 45° parallel latitude north. It is contained by the left bank of the Collettore Padano and the right bank of the Canalbianco, and borders to the west on the Fossa di Polesella.  The territory used to be rich in woodland, as well as in waterways, in fact, it is maybe from two place names, “Bosco di Mezzo” (middle wood) and “Bosco del Monaco” (monk’s wood), that the name “Boscaro” derives, later to become Bosaro.  The cycle paths alongside the ancient ditch which once connected the Canalbianco to the Po are most enchanting.  Along the stretch one can see the gorge “La Fossa” surrounded by luscious riparian vegetation.  At Bresparola there is an interesting example of hydraulic engineering dating back to 1901 and designed by F. Paleocapa.  It is a “botte”, that is, a channel which by passing under the Polesella ditch, drained away water from the land during reclamation.

Few traces remain of the ancient village which was completely destroyed by the terrible inundation of the Po in 1951.  Among these is an interesting and ancient abode of renaissance origins nowadays called Villa Santi, situated on the banks of the Collettore Padano.  Of value also the church dedicated to St. Sebastiano Martire, partially hidden by the banks of the Canalbianco, commissioned towards the end of the fifth century.  Among the local events are the international canoe and rowing championships, organized by the town’s nautical centre and thanks to these Bosaro has recently acquired certain notoriety.  Other events include the fiesta in honour of the town’s patron St. Sebastiano on 20 January and the Fiera of St. Luigi, 21 June.  Among the typical local specialities, freshwater fish which is caught and cooked on the spot.