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Bagnolo di Po

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Bagnolo di Po

This small town, immerged in the quiet countryside that lines the Canalbianco, offers beautiful scenery to those who love cycling and may enjoy breathtaking views over the fertile stretches of cultivated fields, in particular, in the early morning and at sunset.  The history of Bagnolo di po can be traced back to the IV century when a small village started to develop and in records of 998 it is noted among the territories of the Bishop Gregorio of Ferrara.  In the XV century it was part of the Transpadana of Ferrara, a district between the Po and the Canalbianco, which only became part of the province of Rovigo in 1815.

In this area, numerous historical buildings remain to testify the rule of the ducal family of Este.  Among the villas and castles, of grand importance and not to be missed is the Villa Ariosto, built in the XVI century for Nicolò, the father of the great poet who was nominated general captain of the Polesine by the Duke of Este.
In the parish church dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a valuable painting by Carlo Bononi of Ferrara is preserved.  Every year on the first Saturday of September, the “Palio delle vie” takes place.  The villagers take most of the year to prepare for this event in which, dressed in medieval costume, they challenge each other in several contests.  It is also worth noting that each ‘contrada’ (village street) offers free tasting of the local specialities.