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Arqu Polesine

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Arqu Polesine

Arquà is located where an ancient waterway once flowed.  The only medieval castle in the Polesine can be found here.  The castle was first commissioned by the Marchesella family of Ferrara to defend their land, then became a fortress of the Estensi conquered by the Serenissima and finally, was used as an elegant residence.  With its medieval battlemented tower and intriguing frescos, recently restored to their original splendour, it offers visitors the chance to travel through the history of these places from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century. This history is re-lived by the village people during the annual festival of Maggio Arquatese, held in May, with the customs of “Principiar del Cantar Maggio”.

Not far from the castle lies the ancient shooting lodge of the Este family, restored to its medieval appearance.  The luscious greenery of the romantic eighteenth century garden adds to its charm.
The road which connects them meets with the road linking the two main religious buildings of the town: the parish church of St. Andrea, dating back to the eighteenth century as it stands today and the oratory of St. Antonio, built in the sixteenth century.  In the Parish church one may admire the christening font of 1430, the notable marble alters and the paintings of Canal and Ugolini.

Also worth a visit is the Ca’ Marchese complex, a stately villa with outbuildings and oratory.  Nature lovers can enjoy the beautiful countryside around the town by following the cycle itinerary along the Canalbianco.