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Night View of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II Rovigo
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In this small town of the middle of the Polesine the land made fertile by the overflowing of the River Adige produces a sweet and crunchy lettuce which has already been certified with the precious IGP denomination. It is no coincidence that in Lusia there is a large fruit and vegetable market whose products are wisely transformed into delicious dishes and served up onto the tables of local restaurants.

In the square in front of the parish church stands a curious knotted column. According to historical sources it appears to have arrived in 1400 directly from Constantinople in the hands of the Venetians and thanks to the River Adige which in those days was a very important communication route. In the XII century, an Estensi castle was built and then later turned into a residence by the powerful Venetian family of the Morosini. Most of the building was destroyed in 1945 by bombardment and today, only a tower remains. Also along the Adige, stands the base of the bell tower of an ancient church that was lost in the same, tragic bombing.