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Accademia dei ConcordiThe Picture galleries of Accademia dei Concordi and of Seminario Vescovileare set in Rovigo in the prestigious Palazzo Roverella, the fifteenth-century abode of the powerful cardinal Bartolomeo Roverella. Nowadays, it is a venue for prestigious exhibitions of national and international interest. The exhibition is divided onto two floors: the attic floor is particularly charming with its red-bricks and the main floor is  decorated with frescos of the late nineteenth-century.
The picture gallery counts four hundred and fifty works of art mainly from the Veneto, from XIV century to XVIII century, which include some masterpieces known all over the world. In 1982, the picture gallery of the Seminario Vescovile, which counts above two hundred works of art, was entrusted to the Accademia dei Concordi: the Silvestri  collection was thus reunified.
In the 800’s , thanks to donations from some of Rovigo’s well-born families such as the Silvestri and Casalini , this extremely rich picture gallery was established. Accademia dei Concordi RiccobonoInside, one may admire the masterpieces of Nicolò di Pietro, Giovanni Bellini, Palma il Vecchio, Sebastiano Mazzoni, Girolamo Forabosco, Giambattista Piazzetta, Giambattista Tiepolo, Alessandro Longhi, Rosalba Carriera. The academic portrait section gathers an extraordinary series of portraits of Rovigo’s famous personalities and patrons of the Accademia dei Concordi including the magnificent portrait of Antonio Riccobono painted by Gianbattista Tiepolo.
Also noteworthy is the precious collection of Flemish paintings, and the spectacular nineteenth-century view of the basin of San Marco, a colossal work painted in the second part of the nineteenth-century by the Venetian Giovanni Biasin. In this work, the artist wanted to make the observer feel as if they were “entering” into the basin of San Marco,  through the circular mode of observation. His aim was completely fulfilled:  the work leaves the observer open-mouthed, carried back in time, to the  Venice lagoon of the 1800s, as if part of a 3D sequence, but without the use of glasses….
Not to be forgotten are the group of paintings of Rovigo painter Mario Cavaglieri…in short, there are so many masterpieces for art lovers and for those who want to acquire an in depth knowledge of Rovigo and its history, that one absolutely must not  miss.
Palazzo Roverella has become, after long renovation works, a lively cultural center and seat of prestigious exhibitions of national and international value, such as “Le meraviglie della pittura tra Venezia e Ferrara tra il Quattrocento e il Settecento” (“Wonders of painting between Venice and Ferrara from fifteenth to eighteenth-century?), dedicated to the Belle Epoque, Mario Cavaglieri?s exhibition with Vittorio Sgarbi as curator, ?Déco. Arte in Italia 1919-1939? (“Déco.Art in Itay 1919-1939”), ?Bortoloni Piazzetta Tiepolo: il '700 veneto? (?Bortoloni Piazzetta Tiepolo: the Veneto’s eighteenth-century?) and others dedicated to illustration for children.
One must certainly check, then, the calendar of events so not to miss out on an exhibition which is unique in Italy or an art exhibition of great value.

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