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Inlets, lakes and oasis

Floodplain Oasis of Panarella

Oasi Golena di PanarellaThe Floodplain oasis of Panarella is situated by the localty of Papozze, inside the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta and is administrated by the Council in convention with the Rovigo district of the W.W.F.. The oasis, of a great naturalistic value, underwent some work to further qualify the floodplain, and it has been also provided with equipped routes for visiting the park and observing the fauna.
Here it's possible to admire many different species of plants and birds, especially in springtime when the nature is reawakening.

As regards the vegetation one finds, rushes, reed, mint, various herbaceous groups, different kinds of willows.
The birds represent the most important aspect of the fauna as the marshy zones, both wooded and grassy, attract a great variety of nesting and winter species as well as migratory birds: reed warbler, bunting, bittern, red heron,  mallard, coot, moorhen, sandpiper, stilt-plover, egret, squacco, kingfisher,  nightingale, oriole, black-cup, buzzard, marsh harrier, just to mention a few.

Contacts for visits
The oasis may be visited accompanied by guide only.

For information:
Papozze Town Hall
Tel. +39-0426-44230
WWF in Rovigo tel: +39-0426-28159