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Dune fossili

The fossil dunes in Porto Viro

Sites of Community importance (SIC), the fossil dunes in the localities Donada and Fornaci are an extended dune area which has great significance from a historical and geomorphologic perspective as well as for the vegetation. In fact, one finds a rapid succession of the coastal lines starting from 1000 BC until the X century. These dunes have been subjected to years of reforestation and the present arboreal vegetation is surely almost entirely the result of those interventions (stone-pine, cluster-pine, black and white poplars, lex, holm-oak).

However, many herbaceous species and undergrowth shrubs grew spontaneously there (hawthorn, asparagus, holly, strawberry). A unique case in the Po Delta is the contemporary presence of bay-oak and holm-oak trees in a small area in the northern part.

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