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When the waters of the river reach the mouth, the earth carried by the currents is spread along the coast forming thin tongues of sand which over centuries, have become real islands sometimes joined to the mainland. It is in these areas of uncertain borders and uncontaminated beauty that the beaches of the Polesine have slowly formed.
Here there are many to choose from: one may find in fact, beaches for fun and relaxation, with numerous modern and well-equipped bathing establishments, but also the wildest tongues of sand for those who seek tranquility and contact with nature. The long beaches of Rosolina Mare are a favorite family destination, for the wide, clean and equipped beaches of golden sand and shallow waters. It is also popular with foreign tourists who love to combine a swim and a suntan with entertainment and bike rides on the cycle paths which criss-cross the lagoon roads, the river and the fishing valleys. The beaches of Boccasette and Barricata, although equipped with tourist facilities, are also an ideal destination for those who seek contact with nature, an alternative to mass tourism, in places which maintain a strong tie to the environment and where one may explore off the beaten track to discover a more authentic Delta.
The beaches of Scano boa and of Bonello Bacucco at Porto Tolle are smaller and wilder but for this reason, full of interest and charm: here, in the absence of human noise, one may hear only the crashing of the waves breaking onto the shore and breathe in the intense smell of the sea. Also worth a mention is the Isola dei Gabbiani (Island of Seagulls) at Ariano nel Polesine, a sandbank formed by the debris carried by the river, where seagulls, puffins, plovers and oystercatchers make their nests. These three beaches may be reached by boat only.
Among the most famous and most exclusive destinations of the Adriatic coast is Albarella, a small and enchanting island, located at the mouth of the Po di Levante, very popular with those who love absolute peace and quiet, sports and being in contact with nature.

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