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Rowing to the Inexistent island

Visualizza Adria, alle porte del Delta in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori


Starting location:  Porto Tolle
Place of arrival:  Porto Tolle
Municipalities crossed:  Porto Tolle, Porto Tolle


PagaiandoThis is a special itinerary, particularly suitable for canoe-users and for small nautical means users, ideal for shallow lagoons; it winds among the most evocative and natural landscapes of the whole Delta, in places where the real collision between river and sea takes place; the moulding movements of sea and river currents, together with wind actions, in everlasting struggle, tortuous strips of land and thick cane fields, where a storm with Bora wind can cause a situation that the following scirocco sea storm alters and creates with a new outline again. In this uncertain and indefinite landscape, that not even the modern cartography means can represent with a continual mark, it is possible to explore, from inland, the new dimension of this extreme environment, an incredible alternation of sand banks and cane fields, white beaches on the horizon which in reality do not exist because in a few seconds they turn into a flight of thousands gulls, flocks of limicoli, a simultaneous flight change and turn a dark grey cloud into a silvery and lively cloud. That is the real magic of the Delta which appears sometimes motionless, in a translucent atmosphere in mist and foggy mornings sometimes flashing and lively in fast beating wings in the light of a sunset. Scano Boa, Batteria, the lighthouse at Punta Maistra, Basson, places of an almost Legendary aspect, which can be reached by water. The canoe can offer the best chance to reach, at close quarters, places which made the neorealist cinema, photonaturalism, and birdwatching passionates happy and now school-children, familiar groups visiting one of the most interesting European Parks, with an incredibly rich and varied avifauna. An almost classic tour, from the village of Pila-Basson to Scano Boa, with one of the last existing cane big houses, now a refuge for fishermen, a habitual dwelling for Delta people time ago, then the passage across a narrow path to the lighthouse at Punta Maistra, the circumnavigation of the Batteria isle on the north-east side, the richest concentration of limicoli, herons, and ducks in the whole Delta, then again to Busa Tramontana and back to Pila. It is suitable for experienced and strong excursionists who will consult usual visitors of this area and a proper technical map. This tour is however not advisable during foggy and windy days.

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