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The isle of Ariano and the ancient Roman road

Visualizza L'isola di Ariano e L'antica via romana in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori


Starting location:  Corbola
Place of arrival:  Ariano nel Polesine
Municipalities crossed:  Corbola, Taglio di Po, Porto Tolle, Ariano nel Polesine


L'isola di Ariano e L'antica via romanaThe stretch of Po di Goro in this itinerary precedes the Taglio di Porto Viro made by the Venetians at the beginning of the 17th century, therefore it is the oldest branch among the present ones. Thanks to its sinuous course and its meanders, it is the testimony of the natural evolution of a river before the human intervention that changed its running with reclamation works and canalization. Its bifurcation is at S. Maria in Punta where, what remains of the old village, is the testimony of the life along the river during the centuries. It should be preserved more carefully together with the remains of the last furnaces which were so numerous in the area in the past, so that the northern branch of the Po “ Po delle Fornaci”, so much feared by the Serenissima, took the name. Between Corbola and Taglio di Po we find Ca Zen, an ancient noble residence of Venetian patriciate who  had summer holidays and control of interests on wide land properties. From Taglio di Po to Ca Vendramin, where the Reclamation Regional Museum is being built thanks to the diligent recovery of the big homonymous water building which at the end of the 19th century allowed the reclamation of the Isle of Ariano district making boundless territories, up to that time still unproductive, inhabited and cultivable. The alternative routes, along old paths on ancient coastal dunes used since Roman and Middle ages, take to Po di Goro at S. Basilio again, an important archaeological place with an interesting exhibition of recent discoveries, just in front of the ancient Mesola castle on the Ferrarese side of Po di Goro.

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