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The valley and the reclamation way

Visualizza Via delle Valli e della Bonifica in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori


Starting location:  Rosolina
Place of arrival:  Porto Tolle
Municipalities crossed:  Rosolina, Porto Tolle


La Via delle Valli e della BonificaThe itinerary along the south valley way is maybe the most preferred one by the birdwatching and photonaturalism passionates , wide valley and lagoon mirrors, coloured sunsets, thousands of moorhens, herons, limicoli. Some valley centres for the extensive and intensive breeding of doryfish, bassfish, mullets can be visited. At the end of the Valley Way , for a short stretch along the left bank of the Po di Maistra, senile branch of the Po, a main branch whose name was taken in the past, is considered the “ most spectacular one” for its rich variety of avifauna and for its incredible arboreal patrimony. It is possible to go up along the Po di Venezia bank and admire broad golenas with limicoli and ardeidi or go along the “ Reclamation way” along the ancient Valle Mea now reclaimed , and see the slow evolution process in the structure of the rural houses with interesting testimonies of industrial archaeology connected to the territory reclamation , methane extractions, and water canalization (such as the mouth of the Collettore).

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