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Woods, valley and canals

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Starting location:  Loreo
Place of arrival:  Rosolina
Municipalities crossed:  Loreo, Porto Viro, Rosolina


Boschi valli e canaliAvery evocative itinerary with naturalistic places to admire, uncommon fauna, typical of brackish area, such as the stretch along the fishing valleys and the lagoon, visiting the holm oak area of Adige mouth and the pinewood of Rosolina Mare, the Botanical Garden at Porto Caleri conserved by the Regional Forest Service and some improperly neglected areas, but with a great historical interest. Once along the valley route close to the village of Porto Levante, which will be soon possible to reach by a ferry, it is possible to approach a reality of a future development of the whole Delta area thanks to the Internal Navigation which includes both the trading and the nautical tourism aspect.The Po di Levante, is, in fact the access place for goods that, transported by big merchant ships from the sea, go back to the Po and the Canalbianco reaching the economically advanced areas of Padania. The embankment stretch can be covered almost completely along an unpaved road to the 17 th century court of Ca Cappello. Along the itinerary with its varieties we can reach Loreo, an important centre of the Veneto Republic, which during the age of Serenissima with its homonymous canal, allowed the fluvial connections between the Veneto Lagoon and the Po. Many historical signs from the past, especially a refined Veneto villa and the old dam, an old tombstone with the toll for the boat transit. A great geomorphological interest also has the stretch from the chief town along the old Roman road to the Adige close to Conca Cavanella alongside the fossil dunes, residual of old coastal dune lines from Etruscan Roman age.

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