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Adigetto Canal Itinerary

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Starting location:  Badia Polesine
Place of arrival:  Pettorazza Grimani
Length:  61,0 Km
Municipalities crossed:  Badia Polesine, Lendinara, Villanova del Ghebbo, Costa di Rovigo, Rovigo, Villadose, Adria, Pettorazza Grimani
Elements of natural:  None


Elements of historical and cultural: historic town centre and Villa Pellegrini at Badia Polesine; historic town centre of Lendinara; church of S. Michele Arcangelo and Oratorio of Ca' Nova at Villanova of Ghebbo; historic town centre and Villa Sandi at Costa di Rovigo; historic town centre of Rovigo; historic buildings Ca' Cornera Lionello, Ca' Penelazzo Cecchetto, Villa Emo and rustic Suman at Villadose, Villa Emo at Adria
Type of fund:  79,9% asphalt - 16,2% dirt, 3,9%grass
Roads low traffic:  66,6%
Dirt roads, towpaths and driveways:  20,1%
Slopes and cycle and pedestrian lanes: 13,3%
Current Cycling: 96,1%
Whether passable with care: 140 m at Villanova of Ghebbo
Accessibility by train:  reasonable. The starting point and the intermediate points of Lendinara, Costa di Rovigo and Rovigo are connected by the railway line Legnago-Rovigo, while Villadose is about two km from the station of Ceregnano, on the line Rovigo-Chioggia. At the starting point the connection is further: the nearest station being Cavarzese, in the province of Venezia, which is 4-5 km away
Connections with other routes:  at Badia Polesine with itinerary 1 and itinerary 7; at Lendinara with itinerary 8; at Villanova of Ghebbo with itinerary8; at with itinerary 9; at Fasana Polesine with itinerary 10
Links with other provinces:  None


Linear itinerary which follows the Adigetto canal from Badia Polesine to Fasana Polesine, mainly along asphalt roads on the towpaths of the canal.

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