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Left Po Itinerary

Visualizza Sinistra Po in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori


Starting location:  Melara
Place of arrival:  Porto Tolle
Length:  140,4 Km
Municipalities crossed:  Melara, Bergantino, Castelnovo Bariano, Castelmassa, Calto, Salara, Ficarolo, Gaiba, Stienta, Occhiobello, Canaro, Polesella, Guarda Veneta, Crespino, Villanova Marchesana, Papozze, Adria, Loreo, Porto Viro, Porto Tolle
Elements of natural:  flood-plain along the Po at Bergantino; flood-plain Cibo at Castelnovo Bariano; island Tontola at Ficarolo; flood-plain Quarti at Guarda Veneta;flood-plain along the Po at Crespino; flood-plain of Panarella at Papozze; basin of Volta Grimana at Loreo; flood-plain Madonnina at Porto Viro; fishing valleys at Porto Viro and at Porto Tolle, island of La Batteria at Porto Tolle


Elements of historical and cultural: Museum of Civiltà Contadina “Bragazzi”, churches and historic monuments in the centre of Melara; Museum della Giostra e dello Spettacolo Popolare, church of San Giorgio and buildings in the historic town centre of Bergantino; parish church at Castelnovo Bariano; church of Santo Stefano and historic buildings at Castelmassa; church of San Rocco and villa Fioravanti at Calto; churches and villa Schiatti Giglioli at Ficarolo; villa Manfredini Stampanoni and churches of San Giuseppe at Gaiba; villa Camerini Bertelè now Bonfiglioli at Boaria Gilliola; Church of Santo Stefano Martire and villa Masi Roveroni at Stienta; church of San Lorenzo at Occhiobello; church of Santa Maria Maddalena at Santa Maria Maddalena; house of Garofolo at Garofolo; church of Raccano at Raccano; church of la Beata Vergine del Rosario and historic villas at Polesella; church of San Domenico at Guarda Veneta; church of SS Martino and Severo, museum of Le Acque and historic villas at Crespino; church of San Lorenzo at Canalnuovo; church of Santa Maria Assunta at Villanova Marchesana; villa Lardi at Borgo Santi; church of San Carlo Borromeo at Papozze; water-scoopng plant Cavanella at Adria; church of San Bartolomeo, villa Contarini Carrer, museum of Honey, Barn of Cà Cornera at Porto Viro; church of Sacro Cuore at Cà Zuliani
Type of fund:  96,7% asphalt - 3,3% dirt
Roads low traffic:  70,5%
Dirt roads, towpaths and driveways:  3,3%
Slopes and cycle and pedestrian lanes: 26,2%
Current Cycling: 75,2%
Whether passable with care: None
Accessibility by train:  reasonable.The station nearest to the starting point is Ostiglia, in province of Verona (at 3-4 km), while, along the route the interchange with the railway network can take place at Occhiobello, Canaro and Polesella, connected to the line Bologna-Padova, and at Loreo, which is 3-4 km away and is connected to the line Rovigo-Chioggia. There are no interchange points with the railway network around the finishing point
Connections with other routes:  at Ficarolo with itinerary 7; at Occhiobello with itinerary 8; at Guarda Veneta with itinerary 9; at Bottrighe with itinerary 10; at Contarina with itinerary 11; at Porto Tolle with itinerary 12
Links with other provinces:  At Zelo for Legnago


Linear itinerary along the bank-side road following the course of the river Po, boundary line to the south of the Province, crossing the communes between Melara and Porto Tolle. It is connected to all the transversal itineraries (6-7-8-9-10-11-12). Mostly on asphalt roads.

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