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Po di Goro - Po di Venezia Itinerary

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Starting location:  Taglio di Po
Place of arrival:  Taglio di Po
Length:  118,6 Km
Municipalities crossed:  Taglio di Po, Porto Tolle, Ariano nel Polesine, Corbola, Taglio di Po
Elements of natural:  flood-plain of Cà Zen and flood-plain Pomella at Taglio di Po; rice paddies at Cà Vendramin; sea-inlet of Scardovari, oasis of Cà Mello and biotype Bonello at Porto Tolle; age-old oak and flood-plain of S. Maria in Punta at Ariano in Polesine


Elements of historical and cultural: villa Zeno, Cà Borin, Cà Nani, Museum della bonifica at Taglio di Po; church of SS. Cuore di Gesù and Centro Documentazione della Civiltà Contadina at Porto Tolle; church of Tolle; church of SS. Redentore at Scardovari; church of S. Giuseppe at Santa Giulia; Tower della via dei Pilastri, church of S. Basilio, Centro Turistico Culturale and church of S. Maria in Punta at Ariano nel Polesine; church of S. Maria Maddalena at Corbola
Type of fund:  89,4% asphalt - 10,6% dirt
Roads low traffic:  84,6%
Dirt roads, towpaths and driveways:  10,6%
Slopes and cycle and pedestrian lanes: 4,8%
Current Cycling: 100%
Whether passable with care: None
Accessibility by train:  poor. The nearest station to the starting point is Loreo, on the railway line Rovigo-Chioggia, which is more than 5 km away. Along the itinerary there are no other interchanges with the railway network
Connections with other routes:  at Taglio di Po and at Riva with itinerary 11; at Porto Tolle with itinerary 12
Links with other provinces:  at Riva for Mesola; at Gorino Veneto for Goro


Linear itinerary along the bank-side road which follows the course of the Po river, borderline to the south of the province, crosses the districts of the towns between Melara and Porto Tolle. It is connected to all the transversal itineraries (6-7-8-9-10-11-12). Mostly on asphalt roads.

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