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Porto Tolle

From Polesine Camerini to Sacca di Scardovari

Visualizza Da Polesine Camerini alla Sacca di Scardovari in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori


Starting location:  Porto Tolle
Place of arrival:  Porto Tolle
Municipalities crossed:  Porto Tolle, Porto Tolle


Itinerario 6The first stretch of this tour, going along the bank top from the village of Porto Tolle to the bridge of Ca Dolfin, permits a complete view of the wide countryside of the Delta, on one hand fields and cultivated gardens according to the strict geometry formed by irrigation canals, on the other hand the Po di Venezia, an almost pensile river with hydraulic prevalences of some metres on the surrounding countryside well clear also with the naked eye. It is possible to visit almost completely the isle of Polesine Camerini going along the bank tops which surround it. The stretch along the rectified creek of Volta Vaccari has a great naturalistic interest and on the southern side the lagoons of Busa del Canarin and Busa Bastimento, wide extent of cane fields with uncommon and smart ornithological species, signs of a fast changing territory, sand-banks, shoal shelves, marshes and flood plains created by that constant epic collision between river and sea. Going back to the provincial road the tour shows more and more suggestive aspects, the villages of Scardovari, Bonelli and the houses for fishermen, with traditional structures, lively colours and their die-shaped chimneys seem to be ready for a picture. At Barricata we cannot go on without going down, on foot, and see the new sand-bank which in its natural evolution tends to close the mouth of the Sacca isolating it from the sea and where wise hydraulic engineering interventions, assuring the water replacement, permit the vivification and the cultivation of mussels and clams: the gold of the Delta.

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